The love


All I ever liked and wanted was just a woman with a perfect body
whose face looks like an angel

Whose smile can shine and brighten all the rooms of my heart,

But I choose to settle for good looking rather than picture perfect

Because I know I can never live with a woman who's admired by every man.
I can never know happiness knowing that every man wants and dreams of having my life.


Insecurity can drive me to lose trust and faith in my ideal future.

I choose you knowing that if I can lose that I possess, you would still have me, because I know after the beauty fades away
I'll still look forward to your comforting and warm Love.


It is not your beautiful structural curved body or your picture perfect smile that brings joy to my heart,
Not even the way you move with your enchanting whole shaped dark skinned body.


All these things I do not want, because they come and go every day,
but they are rather just a bonus to ones blessed life.

All I need is a witness in my life
someone I know I can depend on,
someone I can trust,
someone who's forgiving and has love.

I ask for these requirements because I know I can offer them 
and I know that they exist because you've shown me their existence.


By Bonisani Maroqo