Jives Fitness Centre

Jive fitness Centre is a gym owned by Sindile Makupula a son of a boxing trainer from Engcobo. This business has been operating since 2015 and is situated in Time Housing next to the laundry. The owner is no stranger to gym as he started weightlifting at the age of 14 and has been competing in bodybuilding. He was the coach for the University of Fort-Hare’s bodybuilding team through-out his tertiary years.

Its instructors have no specific payment but that does not stop them from working as a team in monitoring and motivating the members. They believe motivation plays a big role in training/exercising because most people have less hope of losing weight and being healthy. This is exactly what Sindile believes makes them different from competitors.

Their target market is anyone (young and old) who wants to live a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Currently they have about 25 members paying R250 monthly for aerobics, functional training and weightlifting. Although the gym has been getting a great response from the public, they are battling with space and equipment and this makes it hard to accept more members.

- By Zintle Mbopha