Sindy's Driving School


A registered Sindy’s driving School Company, was found in 1994 by a black woman Sindiswa Charlie from kids beach in east London. As a black business woman her mission is to share the information in driving to assist people, according to South Africa lot of job opportunities needs driver’s licence. The company is based on a busy street at Oxford Street opposite trinity church in east London. 

Their services includes learners in full course for one week but if a client fails to understand everything in one week they extend more days for a client to understand everything. The company offer code (8) and code (10), both codes have half course and full course. In code (8) and code (10) half course takes 25 days makes 5 weeks and full course in code (8) and (10) takes 35 days makes 6 weeks. The prices are differ it depends on the codes and the courses.

Working hours Monday –Friday 08h00-18hoo and Saturday 08h00-13h00. 

Address:  Oxford Street 

                 Opposite trinity church 

                 East London   

More info call: 0781471114 


Email address: