Faith Counselling

Faith Counselling Centre is a Non- Government Organisation founded in March, 2017 by Puseletso Tshetshengoa, a BSc Psychology graduate who is also registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).

The centre provides face to face counselling services to anyone and everyone who needs psychological assistance, they also run psych education workshops as they are the first line of mental health services within the community they serve. Their counselling services focus on day to day stresses that people face, it can be exam stress, relationship/ marriage counselling, trauma, grieve and suicide. The services and workshops are provided free of charge and the topics on the workshops depend on which social issues are prevalent at the given moment.

The main challenge with forming Faith was with finding the proper premises to practice at and the ongoing challenge now is with funds, as the services are free of charge it cripples the organisation as they depend of donations and sometimes it is hard for them to get those donations.

But Faith Counselling is slowly overcoming these challenges as they were able to find office space, people come to them for help. Their youngest client so far is eleven years and their oldest client is 60 years. So they can say people are being aware of this organisation and they also hope to overcome this financial situation they are facing.

Their services are catered for anyone who would like to get help from the services they povide. Their five year plan is to have counselling containers in disadvantaged areas in all nine provinces.


The centre is in need of people who will help with the admin, event planning and other things, they do have people who can plan and speak at the workshops but they need counsellors.

For anyone who wants to join the organisation you must possess different skills and attributes. Be able to listen very well and remember that the session is about the client, in regards to workshops they try to have professional speakers and someone who is comfortable with public speaking. The organisation still needs funding for workshops, stationery and day to day dealing of the office.

They believe that they are changing the world one person at a time because they’ve also had positive feedback where people where telling them how their lives have changed since the sessions. They don’t want to end up here, but they want more people to know about them and feel free to get help from the centre.

You can get in touch with Faith Counselling Centre on 076 101 3058, email Facebook is faith counselling centre and their physical address is Old Municipal Office, Masakhane Drive, Ivory Park Ext 2, Midrand