Live your dreams

Life is not just about having luxurious house, car or a happy family but it is something that you work hard for. Some women out there are hard workers and would do anything to reach to their destination.

Living under the circumstances where you find yourself being the breadwinner of the family and everyone is looking up to you. Nokuthula Ntini, 35, lives in a shack at Diepsloot and got pregnant at the age of 16 but she didn’t let that get in the way of her dreams. After getting her child she named her Nomzamo meaning she will always be persistent and resilient towards the goals she wants to achieve and she’ll make sure it comes true for the sake of the baby.

“My family turned against me when I told them I was pregnant and they didn’t like my boyfriend which made it even worse, I was also kicked out and went straight to my boyfriend’s place. He was so supportive throughout the pregnancy and even after the child was born. After 3 years I told him I want to open up a boutique and he helped me out with that even though it had its ups and downs”, said Nokuthula.

At times people should not let the past dictate their lives but instead learn from the mistakes that you’ve made, everyone makes mistakes but it’s up to an individual on how he or she rises from that.

She further said “as time went by my boutique became huge and we had to move from Diepsloot to Bedfordview and my boutique is called Nomzamo BeeTee. My family heard that I’m now somewhere in life and decided to invite themselves back into my life because my parents are now unemployed. They asked for forgiveness and at first I didn’t want anything to do with them, but because I have a loving boyfriend he advised me to forgive them because without parents we are nothing. I forgave them and gave them another chance”.

God works in mysterious ways and prayers are answered. While some women are living their dreams out there, some depend on men to do everything for them. “I am what I am because of my boyfriend soon to be husband who has been there for me since day one we met, my boutique is going places and I’m very happy”, said Nokuthula.

Do not let your past determine your future but as long you learn your mistakes.

By: Sibonginkosi Mhlauli