PULY construction and projects

Physical Address:

6643 Chiawelo Ext, Soweto

Telephone: +27(0)110394750

Mobile: +27(0)0789016620

Email: pulyconstruction@gmail.com

Puly Construction is a company that offers professional services in building, painting, tiling, welding, paving and pavement refurbishing. The company has been involved in various projects both as a contractor and sub-contractor in private homes, companies, schools and churches, since its inception in 2007 known as Puly Trading.

We do it to please you

When it comes to buildings Puly Constuction is the way to go. They will ensure that all your needs are met and make your place look the way you want it. They are not only focused on the services mentioned above but they also offer landscaping, precast walls, electrical works, roads, cleaning and civil engineering.

Consultancy service is also offered on a charged basis.

By: Michelle Mabaso