Youth on a mission (YOAM)

SIBLINGS, Anelisa, 21, Tricia Schrieber, 26 and their cousin Sivenathi Madlodlo, 22, have teamed up and started an outreach programme.  

 The trio that calls themselves Youth On A Mission (YOAM), started the programme after realising that the youth in their church was struggling tremendously.  

 “Our church has two conferences a year and most people come from the rural areas, we then noticed that most of them wore the same clothes but because of their love for church they never let their situation keep them from attending the conferences,” said Anelisa.  

After askinf a girl from Debe in Qaukeni location a few questions, she painted a picture of what the youth from her area had to do to get by. According to Anelisa their plight “...was so painful that we literally could see and hear the struggle in her eyes and voice. Because we were raised by a woman who believed in giving back and helping others we realised we had to do something to help better the lives of the youth from the rural areas.”    

We decided to organise Motivational speakers, Mentors that will visit the areas once a week, hosting career expo’s for local high schools, opening a support group for the youth to share and advise each other on dealing with the challenges they have are some of the services that the YOAM will be providing.  The trio is also hoping to provide food, clothes and stationery if possible.  

YOAM’s biggest challenge so far is the difficulty to find sponsors and donations that will help with the programme at the moment they use their own money that they generate from cake sales and from a car wash. Anyone who is willing to assist these three can call Anelisa Schreiber on 065 303 6927.  


By: Sapokazi Zongo