E-Mzantsi Mthembu Cleaning & Distribution - Soweto Professional Cleaning Soweto

E-MZANTSI MTHEMBU CLEANING & DISTRIBUTION (EMCD) is registered as a close corporation managed by 100 % Historical Disadvantaged Individuals. The founders are well experienced and are knowledgeable professionals in their field of work. They strive to be more careful about the provision of the appropriate, convenient and unique services. The company has grown enormously due to its strategy of service “Excellence and good pricing.”

The company is committed and dedicated towards all stakeholders based on these values: honesty, reliability and integrity in all dealings. The company is dedicated in assisting and supporting previously disadvantage employees and embarking on social development projects. They are currently servicing clients in the following industries: Mechanical, Engineering, Chemical, Safety supplies and other manufacturing industries.

Their mission is to serve the community at large by implementing methods that will bring growth and sustainability to the company, while the value would be to pay undisturbed attention to their market thus identifying the need of the market and satisfying those adequately.

EMCD takes great pride in its basic cornerstones which are independence, team work and quality. Being an independent company gives EMCD the chance to keep growing and learning without limits, it also gives them enough opportunity for research on all products and how we can improve them should the need arise.  We promote the idea of team-work as it gives employees the chance to know each other as well the directors themselves. The company believes we can only succeed when working together and respect being a basic moral guideline.

The company's objectives is to overcome the huge rate of poverty by creating income for our employees, to create an environment that will give our employees financial independence, to empower woman, youth and the physically challenged individuals in our community, to improve the lifestyles of all who play a role in a company growth and to make sure our employees are well taken care of.

It’s all or nothing in their company which is the main source of courage for the company to keep delivering only the best quality to clients. Quality products and service will maintain a good image for the company which will stabilize its existence in the industry.







074 357 9779

081 288 1064


078 332 6512


TEL: 011 071 1758/011 051 6684

FAX: 086 503 9811


By: Felicity Masike