Soweto's youth meets their aspirational match

BY: Nthabiseng Shai

A young group of aspiring entrepreneurs  from a small town of Meadowlands in Soweto will be launching their  new  non-profit organization called Egglo Production on the third (3) of February 2018 in Zone 1 Meadowlands , dedicated to the youth of  South  Africa . Its an entertainment agency which focuses on Modelling , music , acting , events , clothing and post production.

Having an economy that facing a lot of social challenges one of them it being unemployment their aim is to alleviate the social crises in their communities and most importantly focus on the students that have dropped out of school and to those that have graduated but struggle to find jobs.

It is not that the are no job opportunities but for a disadvantaged township like Meadowlands , the youth do not have  the resources needed to find employment in formal sectors , they struggle to fit into a world that matches with their aspiration now that is were Egglo Production comes to play a role,  to instill wisdom faith and hope. Egglo believes that the youth of South Africa needs to be taught the spirit of using their godly given talents . With the skills Egglo provides their mission is to build their communities through arts because the youth believes in their language of art , it has collaborated with other production campaigns around Soweto which are Smeremere events , Bophelo production and K-LO INK Media.

The egglo production   invites all the young talented sowetans to join them in welcoming their campaign as they are about to start the year with new beginnings of establishing the be part of  the campaign candidates  have to send an email to and state in which sector of art they want to focus on and their contact details to be signed  up for membership. The campaign has a lot of evens ahead to host and young sowetans are urged to keep in track of their

social media plartforms facebook:Eggloproduction  Egglo Models Insta :@egglo_psa and for twitter:@EggloP.